About Us

Arohan Financial Services (P) Limited started off in 2006 with initial support from Bellwether, and then from India Financial Inclusion Fund and Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. Arohan started its operations by offering micro-loans in West Bengal, and then expanded to Bihar and Assam. In Sep’12, IntelleCash, an incubation/capacity building company invested to take a controlling stake in Arohan along with Aavishkaar Goodwell, a microfinance focused fund. With this investment, the first formal example of consolidation in the Indian microfinance sector, Arohan is now an integral part of the Intellecap Group which has over 10 years of business consulting, investment banking and research & events experience in development sector in India.


“To empower the underserved by offering a range of financial services, in a manner sustainable for all stakeholders”


“To be among the Top 3 Financial Inclusion players in the LIS Serving over 10 Lac Customers across 10 states while being in the top 10 preferred places to work in India”


Employee Engagement

Arohan treats its employees as a major stakeholder and hence its processes and systems are designed to ensure employee satisfaction, development and high morale.


Arohan’s products and processes are transparent to its clients such that the information communicated to them is clear, sufficient and timely in a manner and language clients can understand so that clients can make informed decisions. It is also transparent in its communication to, and transactions with all other stakeholders, and employees.

Honesty and Integrity

Led by exemplary governance, Arohan maintains high integrity in its delivery, products and processes. Arohan has zero tolerance for unethical practices. It strives to behave with honesty and integrity in all its internal and external communication, and dealings with all stakeholders.


Arohan strives to maintain a creative culture in the organisation, where employees are encouraged to learn and innovate in their day to day work, while adhering to Arohan’s standards of business and conduct. Also, product, process and business model innovation are integral to Arohan.

Customer Centricity

Since customers are considered important stakeholders, Arohan’s products and processes are designed keeping customer needs and realities in mind. Arohan strives to serve customer needs in an effective and efficient manner and behave in a dignified and respectful manner with its customers at all times.

Shareholder Value Focus

Arohan recognizes its shareholders to be an important stakeholder whose interests it strives to protect, and to whom it seeks to deliver value by focusing on sustainability, profitability and growth of the business.

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